Friday, March 3, 2006

New Recruits (AKA: The Mind Control is Working!)

When I first started this one man group I just said whatever the fuck I wanted, I wrote what I wanted and could have cared less what the hell people thought. Then when I realized that people were actually into what I was doing, I decided to form a group... and that's pretty much where the fucking shit hit the fan! I realized that the THC lovers could not keep up with my demands cuz apparently I can write and perform more styles than the normal THC so-called "musician" listens too.

Anyways, after talking to several of my students (yeah I teach, so beware!) I realized that I could recruit the students that could play what I could write. And after talking to a couple of my students, I recruited (don't worry you don't have to know any of these names...not yet at least!) Robert Willems (Guitar), and Andy Arrazola (Bass).

So far, we have done some its and bits here and there... new songs will eventually be coming soon. As for the official name of the band itself, I don't know if it will be the Fly Kingdom or something else. I still haven't decided yet...I don't really give a shit, to be honest. I just wanna write music and play places. The rest of the other bullshit people think about is really none of my concern right now. More on that later...

Current Mood: Amused