Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho, Ho, Hooah's Holiday Special

It's been a while and a lot has happened since the last time I posted anything up. The Fly Kingdom's album Sweet Blue Thornless Rose is finally finished and I will be releasing it through CD Baby as well as through some international distributors. Also, I, Jerry Oviedo (A.K.A. The Fly Kingdom) will be appearing at The Hooah Art Space's "Ho, Ho, Hooah's Holiday Special" showcase...

December 26th, 2008 at 6:00PM

Hooah Art Space
1923 SW 8th Street (Calle Ocho)
Miami, FL 33135
United States

For more info click here.

Below is the official flyer for the event...

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Fly Kingdom will be Featured in Blogswara V!

I just received word that my song Missing will be part of Blogswara. This is a very prestigious Indian group that makes compilations of the best Indian music around! Or as Joseph Thomas, its founder describes it "Blogswara is an internet music community which acts as a common platform for musicians (a majority of whom are amateurs) to showcase their talent before the world by producing original music and share it over the internet. It is also a free-music movement where visitors/listeners can listen and download the mp3 files free of cost. The songs are released over the Internet and as multi-lingual albums..."

The compilation will be out December 12th so look for it very soon! The link to hear samples (including mine) can be heard at:

Thank you!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Suicide Live- Repost as Seen on

I read this headline of the website and I decided that it was something that deserved attention... after all you are reading this because you are on-line...

Suicide Live
Are we desensitized to what we see online?

"Please forgive me all for taking my own life so early. I tried so hard to fight against this strong battle." Those are some of the last words written in a suicide note by 19 year-old Abraham Biggs, who took his own life in front of a live webcam for the entire world to see. The Florida teen was found dead in his father's house on Wednesday afternoon, twelve hours after he made the online declaration that he planned on committing suicide. He died from an overdose of opiates and benzodiazepine, which he was prescribed to treat his bipolar disorder. Throughout his web video, some users egged him on, while others begged him not to do it. In the end, all of Biggs' viewers watched him commit his final act here on earth – but why?

This wouldn't be the first time suicide was broadcast online. Earlier this year, an investigation was launched to determine if the seven young people from Britain who hung themselves did so primarily because they wanted to leave their mark on the social networking sites they belonged to. Last year, a 42 year-old father of two hung himself in front of a live webcam. And then there are the infamous Japanese suicide pacts that openly discuss their intentions in chatrooms. In each of these tragedies, the person planning on committing the act knew full well that they'd be immortalized online, via videos, profiles, forums, and comments from observers. They shared their suicide because they knew they'd have an audience. But isn't it disturbing that we've come to expect shocking events such as these to appear online?

"If it's not recorded or documented then it doesn't even seem worthwhile. For today's generation it might seem, 'What's the point of doing it if everyone isn't going to see it?" said Montana Miller, an assistant professor of popular culture at Bowling Green State University. We've all documented part of our lives online to some extent, whether it's with pictures, blogs, or comments to and from friends. Personally, I'm guilty of brainstorming picture captions well before I upload the contents of my digital camera. You can't deny that it's exciting to show off pictures of your sweet new ride or blog about the awesome party you went to last weekend. But there are certain things in life that do not require an audience, and should be kept private. It just isn't healthy to use the internet to verify our lives off-line.

At the end of Abraham's video when the police entered the room and found his body, some members of his audience wrote "lol" or "hahahah," as if they were watching just another viral video. These people either didn't understand what was happening was real, or were so desensitized by what they saw online that they just didn't care. Suicide is horrible enough in real life, but the fact that complete strangers openly mocked the deceased is a tragedy in its own right. This is the sad result of broadcasting a life event online that should never have happened in the first place. We shouldn't expect the sordid details of someone's personal life to become entertainment for the rest of us, as not everything needs to be posted online. As an audience, we have to take responsibility for all of our actions - both online and off.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brampton Super Cities Walk for MS

I wanted to post this because the one that sent me the original E-mail, a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with MS May 2006 after she had her first stroke at the age of 26 while her son was only 6 years old. She sent me a link to make a contribution for the walk on-line if you'd like to pledge online at:

Now about the actual event, this is how Rose Monaco (the friend I've been talking about) described it to me:

"On April 15th, I will be taking part in the Brampton Super Cities Walk for MS. I am doing this to raise money for MS research. As many you may, or may not know, Multiple Sclerosis is a complex disease. It is a disease that not many people are aware of, but it is more common than you think. MS attacks may lead to temporary or permanent losses of ability, and this means watching the people we love lose the ability to perform the daily functions that we take for granted (walking, eating, seeing, etc.) As of yet, there is no cure. The Super Cities Walk was organized for people living with MS, friends, family and their communities to raise money to help find a cure. Many people walk for their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. I am walking for myself."

If you would like more information on Multiple Sclerosis, please visit

As for me, I didn't know much about this condition till Rose was diagnosed with it... Since then it has opened my eyes to it... Also, if you want to pledge but not online contact Rose Monaco @ her email address.

Thanks for your support,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hooah's Halloween Show

This is a re-post of the first official advertisement for the Hooah Art Space happening on Halloween:

Hooah Art Space October 31st!

Hooah Art Space

When: 10-31-2008 @ 6:00 PM

Where: at the American Veteran's Alliance Headquarters
1923 SW 8th Street (Calle Ocho), Miami, Florida 33135
Cost: $1 minimum donation (optional)

Description: Hooah Art Space; the newest venue for artists and musicians on Calle Ocho has been made possible through the combined efforts of the American Veterans Alliance and the Society of Hispanic Veterans. Proceeds from the show go to benefit veterans causes. Come and join the party happening every last Friday of every month. Acts scheduled to appear:

The Fly Kingdom, Scapegoat, & Zealot

And here's the official flyer image for the event...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hooah Art Space Announcement

There's been alot going on, actually too much for me to even have time to post...

First off, there's a new venue in town called The Hooah Art Space, which is made possible by The American Veterans' Alliance and The Society of Hispanic Veterans, whose offices are both located at the National Headquarters building at 1923 SW Calle Ocho, which is owned by Waddell McGee.

Mr. McGee formed a group called the American Veterans' Alliance, which is dedicated to supporting veterans and their families' needs. Its focus is to help all veterans in need of anything from shelter to food to any services that most people now take for granted. Mr. McGee is a veteran who also wanted to not only give Miami more art but also more creativity coming from veteran artists. Art and music events are being held there on the last Friday of every month hosted by Rachel Goldberg, with the sole purpose of raising much needed funding to veterans and/or the families of returning war veterans. "Art by Veterans and Artists Directly Supporting Veterans' Causes" is their motto. So all artists are welcome to participate and join in on the fun!

I was there on September 26 (I had the flyer posted on this website) and played my sitar for an hour and a half (in 30 mins sets). Also there was the band Scapegoat. I will be there again on October 31 from 6:00 to 11:00 PM. Now don't quote me on this but on the last event there were free wine and refreshments. So chances are that it will be the same for this event. As soon as I have the new flyer I will post it. In the meantime, you can check out The American Veterans Alliance on MySpace to find out more information on this organization.

Be sure to check out the Hooah Art Space photo gallery online for some more photos of the live musical events.

Here's a scan of last month's flyer sent to me by my friend Troy, who's helping to put these musical events together...

Flyer (Front)

Flyer (Back)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Message from the Coffee House Gypsies

Message from my friends, The Coffee House Gypsies posted today on MySpace:

please forward this to all your friends who came with you to see us last night

THANK YOU!!!! all of you that came out to see us last night at The Atmosphere Lounge in Las Olas/Ft. Lauderdale;

CHG really does have AMAZING fans, no doubt... wow... you all rocked on those sing-a-longs.

You guys requested Tigerlilly... and so we sang Tigerlilly. You guys requested Linger by the Cranberries...and so we Lingered!

The lighters held up during HEY JUDE were awesome. The crowd singing along on Inside My Head, Bittersweet, and Let's Stay rocked.

Having people in the audience know and sing along with our lyrics is still mind blowing to me I still am awestruck every time I see that, haha! Don't think I'll ever get used to it.

And the jam..... oh baby, the jam..... holy $#!T!!! I LOVE jamming with other bands & artists!!

That energy that we created together as a group last night was just intoxicating and engaging and almost like sex... probably even better than sex, hahahaha... no, but for real, it was :)

And I had never rocked out with a sitar before...where did that come from?? Woah!!

Special props to Jerry Oviedo who showed up with his sitar to jam

And those guys on that brass section playing along with us...WTF???
You guys ROCKED!!!

All of us were just having way too much fun together!

I think Amy Winehouse would have been proud of our "Rehab" rendition with the brass section solos and all, hehehe!

I seriously CANNOT Thank you guys enough...we had SO MUCH fun with all of you last night. You have no idea. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you to Jayson & Kelly of The Atmosphere Lounge for hosting us and letting the show go on till so late and for treating us so well.

It is always touching when a venue shows appreciation for their bands & artists.

We will definitely be telling all the local bands and artist about your place.
You guys were awesome!

Look up "Atmosphere Lounge" in our friends list. IF YOU ARE A PERFORMER, THIS IS A PLACE TO GO AND GIG AT!!!! GREAT ambiance, GREAT location, VERY friendly staff EXCELLENT sound system, SUPERB acoustics in the room. YOU GET TO MIX & CONTROL YOUR OWN SOUND!!! WOW!!!!

Situated right under the theaters of Las Olas. People cannot get in or out of the theaters or parking lot without walking within earshot of this place, AND LAS OLAS IS BOOMING AT NIGHT BABY!!! I MEAN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE CRAMMED INTO THAT STREET!!! If you play at Atmosphere Lounge and you sound good people walking by outside will be drawn in to hear you!! And best of all... if you promote your show properly these guys DO know how to value a good act that brings a crowd.



Go and check them out, book your gigs there.


AND YES, CHG will DEFINITELY be playing there again VERY soon Count on it!

Thank you to all the musicians that came out to jam with us... all of you are just amazingly talented and I do hope that I get to cross paths with all of you hopefully again each humble me with your talent. If any of you ever need backup harmonies or cameo vocals on a project, count me in.

We will be posting photos and hopefully video of last night's open CHG jam/acoustic 3 hr concert ASAP so keep an eye out on YouTube & MySpace for them...

If you took your own pics or videos, please let us know when you post them.

Please post your comments about last night's jam/concert to: iTunes, Myspace... or any one of the other CHG sites, we LOVE the feedback!!!

We also hope that all of you will tell all of your friends about us and about the magic that you witnessed happen last night. THAT IS WHAT A CHG JAM IS ALL ABOUT, BABY!!!

Thank you to the PRETTY ON PAPER band for lending us Carmen for the night once again (she is undoubtedly a diva powerhouse and we love her). And as always, she was stellar!

Thank you to both Carole & Jenny who were standing up and dancing...

Thank you to Tony for jamming along on his guitar. Tony: I hope that all your college friends enjoyed the show, thank you bringing them and extend our hugz to them for us!

Mrs. Segovia: it is always a pleasure to have you at a show... And yes, I saw you dancing too, hehehe ;-)

My Doublemint Twins: Valerie & Liz...I am so sorry for all the sweaty hugs last night I was sweating buckets!!! Hehehe... I love ya!

Thank you to the sexy and sultry Margaux Penichet and her "Acoustic Experience" band... YOU ALL ROCKED!!!

And my apologies to Margaux's grandmother (who came up to me during the show and expressed that she was not happy with me because I convinced Margaux to get a tattoo for the concert) Hahahaha!!! ROFL!!! Sorry abuelita!! (she was so ADORABLE!)

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you to all our amazing fans!!!

Jenny, Marissa, my lady from the mountains, Hector, Melissa, Randy, Frank, JC and all of you that support us at every show


We shall see you all on October 4th at the COLOSSAL Music Festival in Tobacco Road.

And we are in the process of arranging another acoustic concert/open jam like the one we had last night at The Luna Star Cafe in North Miami with The South FL Folk Club. So stay tuned to our MySpace page for details on that.

'til the next one...

Bear hugz & ass slaps all around

Albert Damian Mata
tHe mAd hAtTeR (with no hat last night)

rock a little


play the Miami COLOSSAL Music Festival

Tobacco Road
626 South Miami Avenue

Saturday, October 4th
on the 2nd floor stage of Tobacco Road

Show starts at 9:30 ~ don't be late, if you might miss it, aim for 9:15 because parking will fill up fast!

$10 cover charge at the door
Advanced tickets available for $7 each in 2 weeks
to reserve your tickets today!!!

5 CHG friends on MySpace will again be winning free tickets to come see us on October 4th, so keep checking our bulletins as we will soon start randomly pulling names out of a hat.

...see you on the 4th!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Mechanical Fly Kingdom?

I have been working on many projects lately, and I finally got around to posting the news about it. I just finished my first Underground Surgeons Studio project. I arranged and recorded a Spanish cover of a Kutless song called "Promesa de la Vida" (Promise of a Lifetime)... I will post that soon under the TAB "Services" which I am still working on...

I have also decided to split the band up into two bands... I recently posted a statement (bulletin) on MySpace. The following message was that statement:

I have thought about this for weeks and it's time I made a public statement in regards to it...

I am splitting the band into two phases: the new The Fly Kingdom will be for the sitar music, which is the step I took... part of the natural evolution of the band's ever changing style... The old, but still good style of The fly Kingdom will be now under the band name "The Mechanical Khrist" I have had much debate over this since I don't want to disappoint the older fans, but I have evolved and left what I now call the "Mechanical Khrist" sound behind.

I am, however, working on some new material for the next "Mechanical Khrist" Album entitled "A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being." I will be bouncing back and forth between projects but i have most of the material for it done, it's just recording it. So I will announce when I will release the tracks, which will be on Snocap.


There's going to be more changes which I will post soon...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Set List for the Upcoming Super Summer Jam Event

I've been working on more material for the set that I will be playing at The Super Summer Jam happening at Tobacco Road, July 11th... I have completed two songs so far and have more on the way. The first track is called "Sweet Blue Thornless Rose," and the second track is called "Served Kold." You check them out at The Fly Kingdom Music profile on MySpace.

You can also get these new tracks and more at

Sweet Blue Thornless Rose and More...

Well it's been quite a ride for the past month or so... I've been writing new music that started as just mere "Jams" on the sitar. Although they were good, they just didn't hit the spot. I then went on to writing some new music for the album A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being. Well, after writing a couple of songs, some of which you can find here and at, I then went back to my Sitar to try to find new ways to evolve my musical style. A friend had suggested to add other elements to the songs, including chords and make it more structured. So I listened and what came out of those ideas were "Sweet Blue Thornless Rose" and "Served Kold". There are more tunes in the works, including a new version of "Blues Raga" (the original is found on How to Write a Satanic Song, released in 2006), and a new spin on an old Jazz tune called "The Saints go Marching In..." So keep checking my website's MP3 section for those latest new updates... Also, I just uploaded "Sweet Blue Thornless Rose", "Served Kold" and from A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being I've uploaded a tune called "H.A.T.E." and another track entitled "The Idiots Song" on Snocap...

And don't forget, I'll be playing my Sitar at The Super Summer Jam happening at Tobacco Road July 11th!!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Super Summer Jam Announcement, Part II

As promised, here are the flyers for the event...

The Official Event Flyer (Front)

The Official Event Flyer (Back)

P.S. Did you notice the extra "E" at the end of my act's name? Pretty crazy, huh?

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being

As I have started to continue work on this new project entitled A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being I have come up with more material than I thought possible... most of it was created just this week alone! I have two new piano songs, one kinda like Billy Joel's "Piano Man" and the other; the closest I can think of is Cold Play's "Clocks", but that's just in the rhythm itself---well, sorta. I have also experimented with the voice, but unlike as it's been in the past, it's not using "characters" but mere voice types. Again, you'll have to hear it... It's like putting Andrea Bocelli, the singer of Gipsy Kings, Brian Setzer, and more, all in one person...

Yeah, like I said; You just have to hear it...!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Set List for Super Summer Jam '08

I have started to write the tunes that will officially be part of my set at the Super Summer Jam which will take place on July 11th, 2008 @ Tobacco Road. Any other members which will join me on stage are still TBA...but the first tune "Longing", filled with thoughts of longing and also happiness will be available at I will post some, if not all of the tunes that I will play very soon.

'Til then the longing for the next tune will begin...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Super Summer Jam Announcement

The Super Summer Jam is gonna be here soon! I signed up and will be playing my sitar yet again. I will be composing some new tunes, based on some of the older riffs I have used in the past, including the ones I played at the Cultura Fest 2008.

So remember, write it down, THE SUPER SUMMER JAM IS JULY 11TH, 2008 @ TOBACCO ROAD!!! I will post flyers as they become available to me...and I will also post songs as I write them. Oh, did I mention tha I do plan on having a couple of percussionists for this event? Yes, that's right, I wanted to make it a more moving experience, since I was able to plug in the sitar to the wah pedal!

So brace yourself, 'cuz this one's gonna be BIG!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Old Ideas, New Thoughts

This is part of the thoughts I had for my next big project entitled A Study Into the Mind of the Average Human Being--- I know it's a long title but what can I say? I was inspired! I will post another one soon...

The things that went beyond my understanding
Were the things I never tried to explain
For it was never my place to say why things happened
But don't misunderstand me, I never gave up
I just merely saw things for what they were
To live with what I had
But things don't always pan out the way you want
And I took a left on the fork in the road
But I didn't know it would lead to a dead end
Which is why these words were written to begin with
So don't make me go back, try to explain
For you have All the answers you need
In the palm of your hand
So just keep living and let me be
For you have more than what you say and claim
But as long as you keep going this way
You'll never see that light
And the fork in the road will always
Lead to that dead end
The one you constructed
The one your subconscious wanted
All because you wanted to avoid
The things you always had in mind
And yet you never thought you could afford
So take the time and see exactly what in front
Before you see your time go by...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mic + Sitar = "Oblivion"

As I had promised before, I just got a mic for the sitar... and now the shit has really hit the fan! I used it on an experimental recording entitled "Oblivion" which I will post up soon. I used my distortion box and ran it with a wah pedal and then boosted the signal with an additional volume pedal...

Stay tuned for any further developments...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

And now...a Special Message from Queen of the Scene & The Fly Kingdom

This was Bullentin Posted by Queen of the Scene on MySpace.

I wanted to thank all the bands, artists & vendors that were a part of CULTURA. This was a really beautiful night of art & music from all different cultures. Miami is THE place for cultural diversity and last night was proof. This was more than just a show! The Artists & Vendors make this a unique experience. The bands were all great, despite a little rain and some small technical difficulties, everything still pulled together and it was magnificent!

I would like to thank all the employee's of Tobacco Road, I know it was a hectic night but you kept everyone happy (AKA: drunk!) and provided excellent service! Cris, Danny, Sean, Cosmo, Camillo- Thank you guys SO MUCH.

None of it would have possible without your help!

OSKI & Alejandro, Thank you so much for including me in this event.

It really is an honor to be asked to do this, something I love doing and you know I will be there for anything either of you need me for in the future!

All of you who came out know what an awesome show it was. For those of you who missed it, well, I'm sure you're kicking your own ass right now so i wont rub it in any more.

But you can check out the picture's posted in the Queen Of The Scene Gallery.

Be there next time!

Now's my turn!... I'd like to thank Camilo from Bully Pussy, Karolina Salas, and Cindy Roberts for all your efforts to make this a wonderful show both before and after...

It was a great experience and I can't wait 'til the next time... But for those of you that were there, I'll be sure to have a sitar mic next time!

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Matador is Dead!

Today I came home, logged onto My Space and got some very disturbing news... THE MATADOR IS DEAD!

This is what I read on the post...

Here's a message i got from friends of Matador, audio Mystic Promotions...

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Audio Mystic Promotions
Date: Aug 30, 2008 9:23 AM

ANOTHER venue has been shut down, Matador.

WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! Let's plan something big, something that's gunna get our message through. If all of us promoters work together we can make something big happen.

Lets plan a BIG/HUGE event, some sort of fund raiser with a specific goal. A huge all day event at a BIG place, we can advertise like crazy and get EVERYONE to help out to make the live music scene a better place.

Anyone that's willing to do this can put in their two cents to help come up with this big idea, I'm sure there are PLENTY OF US in favor of this.


Enough DJs! There's plenty of that! We need a scene!


I'll post more news as I get it...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tickets to Cultura Fest are now Available, Part II

I just finished my latest CD Dose M RX. It will contain a collection of sitar pieces, once again... Although, this time there are no guest appearances, and other than the style, there are no apparent differences. At least to the Western listener, anyways! Now, where can you get copies? Well, I will be selling both Dose M RX as well as My Medz (RAW Version) this Friday May 30th at my show...

Place: Tobacco Road (Downstairs Stage)

As I mentioned before, I will be selling tickets to the festival. They are priced at $10 and each CD goes for $5 a piece.

Tickets to Cultura Fest are now Available, Part I

Want to go to Cultura Fest and see bands like The Fly Kingdom, Karolina Salas, Bully Pussy and more?

Get your tickets now! E-mail The Fly Kingdom at:

or at this email address.

Also, be sure check out the full interview posted earlier by clicking here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Unofficial" Interview

The following was an interview where Jerry A.K.A. The Fly Kingdom, discusses what led him to start playing the sitar and how it has influenced his music…

So Jerry, why the sitar?

Jerry: I took interest in the sitar a few years back (i.e. 2000) when I purchased a CD of a sitarist by the name of Ravi Shankar… Little did I know that I what I was purchasing was gold in the form of music… Years later I decided that I had heard enough and wanted to purchase a sitar… I really didn’t care about the fact that I wasn’t studying the classical way… I had just one teacher, Ravi Shankar… His music was enough to inspire me to teach myself.

I have heard the CD’s you released under the name of The Fly Kingdom but none sound like “My Medz”… Why did you decide to make a CD of only sitar pieces?

Jerry: Actually every Fly Kingdom CD is different… the first, The Mechanikal Khrist was my view of Christianity as I saw the religion at the time. The music was pretty explicit and to the point in every aspect as could be said about my second CD How to write a Satanic Song. But style-wise, those were two very different CD’s...and the same could be said about my third CD A Small Lesson in Karma. All of the CD’s I’ve released had the intension on being a direct reflection of me, including the musical style. My Medz was recorded in like about a week. I would get home from work and just turn the recorder and start to play, none of it was was completely live and "Raw" which is why the full title is My Medz (RAW Version). So I didn’t really think about releasing it 'til I had heard the whole CD. And that’s how I make music. I care about what I like---whether it makes anything passed that is none of my concern…

So you don’t really care for making it big by getting signed and touring all over the world?

Jerry: I would like to tour and play all over. However, I don’t believe that my personal taste should matter. There’s a flavor for everyone out there. Not only that but also, with how the world is right now, connected via the internet, so long as you can upload your music to the internet and have a page to advertise where you will be playing, you really don’t need a middle man. The thought of having a record deal to make it out there is old thinking. Anyone with enough potential can make it...all they need is drive.

You sound like you really have researched this… any references to back this up?

Jerry: Well, I’ll start with the old timers first... when Prince was forced to become a symbol due to the legal battles he had with his label, Prince sold his music through the internet. As far I know he was the first to do it, but despite that he returned to the old fashioned way of selling music... then Trent Reznor A.K.A. NIN broke ties with Nothing records and he too, started selling his music on the internet. However before that happened, a new band, the Artic Monkeys did something I had never seen or heard of before---they recorded their album, made enough copies and sold it individually, without the use of a record label! They were even on Comcast On Demand! The fact that they did that really inspired me. But really, it’s a different’s come to the point that people need to wake up before more musicians get taken advantage of by Record labels and managers.

Going back on something, you didn’t mention any musicians when talking about any of the albums... did you record everything yourself?

Jerry: I think my MySpace profile says it all under the band members section...

(i.e. Jerry Oviedo --- Everything but drums, which are samples edited by me.)

So you play guitar, bass, piano, sitar, and you sing?

Jerry: That is correct… I also play the banjo and soon to come the mandolin, the Tres, the Cuatro and Charrango… And when my financial situation allows, the vichitra veena (the eastern version of the lap steel guitar) as well as a lap steel guitar (the one that looks like a table)…

So how did you find the time to have so many lessons?

Jerry: I didn’t... I taught all these instruments to myself (well, except the ones I mentioned as “soon to come”) The only one that I actually learned with a professional was singing. Yeah, it sounds weird, especially if you have heard my CD’s, but I have a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance and my instrument is the Voice...Classical style to be exact! I didn’t pursue it further because it was too fake for my taste! [laughs] I had to do exactly as I was told...[sarcastically] I am too creative and stubborn to do something like that! [laughs] So I quit but not before taking from a vast source of knowledge that I passed on to my students… Did I mention I teach too?

Ok, so let me get this straight, you say you teach but only have formal training in one instrument, the voice... How’s that possible?

Jerry: Well, I teach at the Kendall Conservatory of Music, not at a middle or high school… I teach guitar, bass, piano, voice and banjo there. All that my boss cares about is that I teach the correct technique, which is something I researched thoroughly in every case (instrument). In fact, this is something I’ve never really mentioned before, but my grandfather was a gypsy and he was an excellent guitarist… From that side of the family my uncle is too. But neither one decided to pursue music other than to coarse the ladies! [laughs]. So in reality I just use what I have learned in the past in terms of technique, which, believe it or not has to do a lot with the body just as Karate and Yoga do! People don’t realize that so long as you know where to turn the wrist and bend the fingers, you too can teach yourself pretty much any instrument! [sarcastically] Cuz you know what they say: Practice makes perfect!!! [laughs].

So, one last question… When will be playing next?

Jerry: Well, I’ll be playing this Friday at 11:00 in the Tobacco Road Down Stairs Stage… I will be playing my sitar, possibly my guitar too… I don’t know, I’ll take it as it comes… this will be a very improv. show.

So Rememeber, check out Jerry Oviedo A.K.A. The Fly Kingdom at 11:00 in the Tobacco Road Downstairs Stage.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cultura Festival Announcement

I was informed last week that I will be performing at The Cultura Fest @ Tobacco Road on May 30th. I still don't know what I will play but I will be bringing my Sitar, and my acoustic. The rest is up for grabs. So if you like Jaming to eastern music then come enjoy my set and maybe you could get up and play a tune or two with me...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Shows @ the Grape are No More...

A lot has happened since my last post... I am no longer playing at The Grape since the open mic nights are no more! I know, I only did two shows before it died but oh well, 'tis the life of the musician! Anyways, I've been working with Megan and it looks like Live Suicide is picking up speed again, even if it's mainly just a duo. We're right in the middle of working on our latest "Selfish Soul" which by the standard of just about everything I have done with it; has the potential to become a classic. I will post more as it becomes available...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Upcoming Show @ the Grape on 2/18/08

I will be performing again @ The Grape this Monday (the 18th of February, 2008) @ about 10 P.M., playing my Sitar, answering questions about the instrument, its technique and also Eastern Theory. I will also be playing Flamenco with my acoustic. There will also be other performers out doing their thing I don't know who exactly since this is supposed to be just an Open Mic Night and all, but either way, I welcome anyone interested in coming out to hear me or to jam...especially percussionists that can jam along with my Sitar, so come out and enjoy playing and hearing music @ The Grape!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Open Mic Nights @ the Grape!

The Fly Kingdom has decided to come out of it's shell for an acoustic performance... This will be an improvised performance of the latest CD "My Medz (RAW Version)" so come out and support! What's that you say? You haven't heard this yet? Well, then simply go to the official My Medz (RAW Version) page and hear some samples! Anyways, the following is the original announcement for this event:

Open Mic Night Mondays at the Grape! Acoustic musicians/singers/spoken word artists welcome. Every Monday night at the grape at: Performers receive free glass of wine! Over 120 to choose from!

The Grape at Village of Merrick Park
360 San Lorenzo Avenue, Suite 1500
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
305.444.WINE (9463)

I will be doing this for a couple of weeks ('til I feel I want to stop!), each time
trying to out do myself...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Live Suicide is Back!

There's A LOT of shit happening lately so I'll start from the beginning... First of all, just in case you've been hiding under a rock (or just haven't checked out my blogs on My Space or news on this website) LIVE SUICIDE IS BACK! However, due to differences in musical direction (and the fact that her musical independence from the group was LOOOOONG overdue). Angie Wong will not be part of the group---instead I will be accompanied by singer/pianist Megan Lipsky (check out her band We Might As Well and soon to come Nabedi, formerly of A.K.A. and Celow from The Kut. I have talked with a couple of other musicians but they have yet to confirm. So, with this rather unexpected comeback I have established some new rulez, which are as follows:

1- This is now going to be (with your support of course!) the MOTHER OF ALL SIDE BANDS! So members are allowed to come and go as they please, so long as Live Suicide can keep performing the songs that were written as a band (NO EGOS PLEASE!). And that would include any song that we (Live Suicide) LEARN AS WELL AS PERFORM AS A BAND. So if you don't want anyone but you to play the song, DON'T BRING IT UP... AND DON'T EVEN MENTION THE SONG! This does not mean that the ownership of the song is Live Suicide's, it's simply just the right to perform it live. Of course, if the member brings in a song they want to play "solo" (by themselves) then once they leave the band, the same goes for the song...

2- In regards to being in the band, if the band member feels he is not meshing with the rest of the group then they can just say "Hey look, this isn't working" and walk away Scott free! Believe me, the last thing I want is drama... IN FACT THE MOMENT I SEE THAT THE MEMBERS ARE MORE WORRIED ABOUT RAGGING ON ONE ANOTHER THAN ACTUALLY PLAYING, THIS PROJECT IS DONE! I started the band to play music, not to play a character in a soap opera, thank you...

3- The songs written by the band are to have fun and get out there and play so I don't wanna rehearse for forever. As soon as we have 6 or 7 songs we will be looking for a venue to play at!

4- The amount of members that the band will have will come and go so, provided everything goes as planned, then you; the fans will see gigs with 3 members as well 17 members (that is, provided we can all fit on a small stage! LOL!!!). What this means for the members is that I want musicians that can easily adapt, you know? We'll have, at times, a drummer, sometimes 2 percussionists or more, and yet at other times we'll work with beats and laptops to provide the backing rhythm. The same will go for guitarists, bassists, etc... So yes, there will even be different versions of the same song. For the musicians this will keep things interesting (that is; it will keep them on their feet!) and the fans as well, in order to give them a taste of these live "Re-mixes."

I think that keeping the band together with these rules will keep things more creative and less dramatic. Trust me, I don't wanna be a legal asshole, but I WANNA BE UPFRONT AND HONEST SO THERE ARE NO MISUNDERSTANDINGS AT THE END... And if you agree with everything I said and have no problems with "the rulez" then feel free to contact me @ Live Suicide's MySpace page A.S.A.P.---for I wanna get this going!