Friday, November 23, 2007

Femme Fest Lineup, Part XV

Femme Fest Lineup, Part XIV

Art By Eva Rodriguez

*Art By Sheri Friedman

DJ Lady Anime spinning the best in
Classic & Modern Chick Music!

Live Tattooing by *LuLu*

Poi Fire Spinning By *LuLu*

Freshly Squeezed Massage Therapy

Yoga & AcroYoga Performance by SYNERGY

*Christmas TOY & FOOD Drive*

There will be 2 boxes at the entrance
of FEMME FEST to drop off
Toy & Food Donations
for those that are
less fortunate.

*Activists & Guest Speakers*


Led by members of the band "SHE SAID"

(B.Y.O.D. and/or B.Y.O.P.)
Bring your Drums & other Percussion
Instruments and Join In!


Femme Fest Lineup, Part XIII

The Witches Garden

Bringing You A Wide Variety Of Tools For Spirituality And
Specializing In Traditionally Hand Rolled Incense From India,
Custom Amulets, Magikal Herbs, Psychic Readings,
Imported Crystals Tapestries & Altar Cloths, Deity Prints,
Handmade Dream Catchers By Zelies Creations
And Many More...

*Earth Spore - Mushrooms & Beads*

*75Rabbit -Handmade Clothing For Your Unique Style*

*Lavazzon Gallery and Design - Wearable Art*

*TAGUA - Environmentally Sustainable, Fair Trade Jewelry*

Paintings, Photography &
Painted Boxes by Emily

The Lady Of The Monkey Village
Fine Art, Photography, Digital Works,
plus Monkey Village Merchandise

Live Painting by Arleen M. Davila

Live Painting & Silent Auction
(For Charity) by Lady Zairee

Femme Fest Lineup, Part XII


Purses, Buttons & Pins


Wild Apothecary - Natural Skin Care

Local & Original Hand Printed T-Shirts

- Tote Bags, Notebooks, Stuffed Beings, and Stuff for your Head -

- Atena Komar of
Fairy Arts, Crafts, Jewelry and Intuitive Readings

Idia - Bags, Slings and Other Things
Handmade at Home with Love

Handmade Women & Children's Clothing & Accessories

Eye Candy Cosmetics

Femme Fest Lineup, Part XI


Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 3:00 P.M.

What can you say about a local band from Miami, FL? Apparently, quite a bit – in an age where most up-and-coming bands choose to relegate their musical fate solely to internet sites, the band Addax will do no such thing. Beginning in 2003, Addax, comprised of vocalist Laura Schweitzer, bassist Eddy Davis, guitarists Omar Williams and Josh Rohe, and drummer Louis Gonzales, decided early on that passivity was not an option. Blending elements of hard rock, impassioned and expansive singer / songwriter vocals, and a lock-step groove rhythm section, Addax has taken their message to the people. With relatively few options in South Florida specifically, the band has made it their mission to become something of local "road dogs" - playing every venue, every time, every way possible, making them a fan favorite and distinguishing the group among the masses. Addax boasts an impressive resume of venues including Churchill's Hideaway – an infamous downtown Miami venue known for giving early breaks to such acts as Marilyn Manson, Iron and Wine, and Nonpoint. Addax has also taken the stage at South Beach hot spots like Señor Frogs and the Purdy Lounge, and in Downtown Miami venues like Tobacco Road and The Wallflower Gallery. Much like a prize fighter, Addax has the blood, bruises, and belts to prove their mettle.

The band ranked 1st in a 2006 battle of the bands at the South Florida venue Studio A, ranked 2nd place in the 2005 Emergenza competition, and earned an honorable mention in the 2006 Billboard Magazine World Songwriting contest for their song "Puzzle". Not to be relegated to the live stage and award circuit alone, their exposure allowed them significant rotation with local college radio. University of Miami, Florida International University and Nova Southeastern have all featured the band during prime hours. These outlets provided a source to the general public beyond the bar and club scene for their initial three song demo, and later, a 2005 EP titled Missoutonme. Despite the demands of college, work, and personal relationships, of which, like all great singers, Schweitzer draws from frequently, Addax makes frequent attempts to branch out beyond the realm of South Florida. Most recently, the band played dates in downtown New York and Greenwich Village hot spots such as Acme Underground and The Lion's Den.

In 2006 the band started recording their full length debut album with then guitarist Jesse Fishman. Rohe, who replaced Fishman in early 2006, took over the additional production duties. The album, entitled Be The Victim, shrieks of the strong rock hooks, powerful pop ballads, and drum and bass oriented grooves Addax has made a name with. Songs like "Take This and Remember" blare with bombastic notions of angst and personal empowerment led over grooves and rhythms only a tight-knit band such as Addax could execute without being coy. Much like their live events, Addax has kept it "all in the family" with Be The Victim, recording it partially with Matt LaPlant whose credits include Nonpoint, SikTH, and reggae-punk-metal outfit Skindred at Bieler Brothers recording studio in Pompano Beach, Florida. Mixing work was executed by Patrick Mcgee, noted for his work with Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and LL Cool J among others. Of the recording, which is to be released independently in the fall of 2007, Schweitzer commented "it's a culmination of the beginnings of Addax...a lot of emotion and love by many, many people went into the making of the album and I just know that it will shine through."


Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 3:00 P.M.

Carmenchu Kroepil, (Menchu-for short), has always called Miami home. Wanting to satisfy a need for adventure from the familiarity of the tropics, she left in 1999 for several years following her graduation from UM. Some of her travels have taken her to New York for three years living in Brooklyn while working in midtown, Arizona for a year at the Conservatory of Recording, and yet another in the city of Chicago where she could assist in a studio while exploring the local music, comedy, and theater scenes. Returning to the south earlier this year has both allowed her to regroup with cherished musical ties from the past, create new ones, and take the time to develop her writing. During the day she teaches as a substitute educator for grades 7-12th. In the evening she designs tee shirts for her own company, while finding time to work on tunes. Musical influences include classical, electronic ambient groups, jazz guitarists, blues singers, funk drummers, piano, vox, guitar, and all experimentalists.


Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 2 A.M.

Femme Fest Lineup, Part X


Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 4:00 P.M.

After the triumphant releases of the Six EP and the Up Chuk Skat Digital Single, Rayko/KRB has launched The RockStar Poor LP. This new album promises to go for the throat of mainstream radio, while retaining the hybrid hip-hop-pop-rock sound that garnered Rayko the "Readers' Choice/Best Hip-Hop Vocalist" Award in the New Times. The guitar licks will still fly, but this time the beats are heavier, relying more on retro drum machines, fat bass lines, and soaring guest vocalists.

The RockStar Poor LP features a wide range of sonic moods, all intertwined in an album-wide story arc. The story evolves through the record, and re-invents the timeless tale of making a pact with the devil Herself. The varied chapters include the emotive ballad "Simple Love Song", which delivers a heartfelt and very personal three and half minutes of Rayko. "Simple Love Song" has already placed 2 on The PMC Top Ten, with an audience of over 200,000 listeners. Album stand-out "Identity" best explains the many voices living in disharmony inside Rayko's head, and features a Pink Floyd-style children's choir over a sizzling hip-hop track. Rayko hits the clubs with "RockStar Poor", a song that deals with the realities of being an independent musician, and "Take It Easy", an anthem to end all anthems. The story culminates with "Better Daze", a track that speaks of a whimsical past, and hopes for a better tomorrow.

C.C. Chapman of Accident Hash, has played nearly all of Rayko/KRB's songs on Sirius Satellite Radio. After listening to the new album C.C. concluded, "Rayko has taken the concept of hip-hop, kicked it down the alley, beat it to a pulp, gave it a drink and let it back into the club with brand new respect." Colin Meeks from wrapped up his review with the following: "Eminently funky, with beats that you'd be hard pushed not to move to, this is an album that has all the Rayko hallmarks, but here there is a stronger sense of bravado. Actually, maybe bravado isn't the right term, I think maybe he's just grown a bigger set of balls. God help us if they get any bigger." Those balls are on full display every time Rayko takes the stage with the new KRB. In the past year he has headlined SunFest in West Palm Beach, and has opened for Fiona Apple, Omarion, and yes...Michael Bolton.

Fans around the world can connect with Rayko by watching The Chronic-Ills, Rayko's own vidblog at, and they can hit him up on All of Rayko's music is now available for download on iTunes.

The RockStar Poor LP brings together all of Rayko's personal influences, fusing the worlds of hip-hop, and pop rock effortlessly. Rayko and the KRB dishes out hook after soaring hook, ultra catchy tunes, and lyrics that are at once witty and introspective. The last track on the album is the last chapter in the story, and invites the fans to decide for themselves Rayko's fate.


Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 4:00 P.M.

Take one look at Takis, and you'll swear you've seen her before. Take one listen, and you'll never forget her.

If her striking figure seems familiar it might be because Takis has been a performing artist since early childhood. In both New York, and Miami, Takis has excelled in musical theater, dance, acting, and the visual arts. All her early training culminated in a scholarship to Miami's New World College of Fine Arts, and award winning performances in New York's Harlem Theater.

Based on the success of her musical theater projects, Takis became a talk show host for WPLG's By Kids For Kids, where she added "on-air-personality" to her ever-growing list of accomplishments. Her on-screen presence matched with her transcendent voice was unstoppable as Takis crooned her way to win Miami's Star Search competition.

South Florida record producers immediately took notice, and Takis began working on projects for Sony, Sony Latin, and MP Records. Her voice was featured on projects for Azul Azul, Jon B, T'Nice, Caribbean Funk, and Maverick recording artist Jorge Moreno. She became a fixture on AT Molina's productions, and her work ethic and talent continued to develop.

Following her tenure as a professional studio singer, Takis felt it was time to focus all her skills on her own project. She first reached out to long time friends PM Dawn for guidance and support, and in 2007 she was signed as an artist to BinaryStar Music. Takis is currently in the studio developing songs for her upcoming EP. Her first single from that EP, "I Am Woman", was leaked to local clubs, where it is already on heavy rotation.

If asked, an unassuming Takis will tell you that her love of music mainly comes from her grandmother. An aspiring Afro-Cuban singer, her grandmother introduced her to the likes of Latin legends Beny Moré, and La Lupe. Perhaps you may still hear the echoes of their amazing voices in Takis' own instrument. But her singing was also influenced by Billie Holiday, PM Dawn, and The Roots. In today's music scene Takis enjoys the artistry of Mary J. Blidge, Jill Scott, Macy Gray, Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, James Taylor, and Amy Winehouse.

Takis' exceptional joy ride in the music industry is about to be re-launched. Though it may seem that you've known her for years, get ready to get to know Takis all over again. Let her voice take you in, let her music turn you out, and her talent turn you on.

Femme Fest Lineup, Part IX

Three In One

Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 5:30 P.M.

Reyna - Vocals

Iggy - Guitars

David - Drums

Rigo - Bass

Three In One is a emerging female fronted Hard Rock band based out of Miami, FL. Three In One is known for engaging the crowd with their take on hard rock, giving nothing less than a raw, passionate, unforgettable, energetic performance at every one of their shows. they have had the chance at venues across South Florida. Together Three In One is formed. WELCOME TO THE ROCK SHOW!


Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 1:00 A.M.

Marilyn - Vocals

Andrew - Drums

Chris - Guitar

Vessel is an experimental rock band based in Miami, Florida. We have opened up for national acts, such as Look What I Did from Combat Records and Aghora from Season of Mist Records. We have also been featured in Outburn Magazine (Spring 2006). Our Ontology E.P. has a variety of songs for listeners to connect with; from ambient to metal, from spiritual to political. Our influences include, but are not limited to: Bjork, A Perfect Circle, Sikth, Pantera, Jeff Buckley, Rush, and Porcupine Tree. We seek to open the minds of listeners worldwide.

Zombies! Organize!!

Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 9:00 P.M.

Mary Magdalen

Lil' Bobby Deadie

Laura Licious

Z!O!! has been playing shows for just over a year now. we love zombies, fake blood, and politics. We play pop music driven by laptop beats, guitar, rap, and keytar.

Femme Fest Lineup, Part VIII

Rythmic Moon

Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 8:00 P.M.


Steph Taylor

Performing at the OUTDOOR PATIO STAGE @ 5:30 P.M.

Steph Taylor- Piano/Vocals

Nabedi Osorio- Drums

Steph Taylor has been described as a musical poet, creating a complete sensory experience through sound. There is no real way to pigeonhole this multi-instrumental artist, with a uniquely percussive approach to piano complimented by a flirtatious guitar style. Her smoky soulful voice lends itself to the emotional quality of her music. And while her presence is undeniably striking, her humility tends to match her humanity when she is on a stage. Born in North Miami Beach, this 24-year-old Florida native has been playing to a dedicated fan base since she was 16, selling out shows from Miami to Los Angeles. After spending two years studying English at the University of Florida, Steph packed her bags and moved to Boston, MA to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. She spent most of her time honing her songwriting skills while playing numerous venues throughout Boston.

Her 2003 debut album For Me has been hailed by The Independent Florida Alligator as "...a roller coaster of keyboard and guitar that engages the mind and the heart. She causes the keyboard to come alive..." Taylor’s new album Between Ground and Sky exhibits a more comprehensive understanding of herself as an artist. Creating music that is not confined by the boundaries of any specific genre, this new record pulls influences ranging anywhere from contemporary indie rock to alternative folk. Currently, Steph is touring the country in support of her new album. To see if
she’s playing near you, check out the tour schedule section at:

Percussionists From The SHE SAID Ensemble

Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 12:30 A.M. leading the FEMME FEST DRUM CIRCLE JAM

"She Said" represents a multi-cultural collection of female artists, featuring some of Miami’s finest unrealized talent. The 16+ members of She Said hail from all parts of the globe, ranging from master to novice, classical training to self-taught, showcasing an eclectic mix of genres as they unify through their love of music and culture. Most ladies of She Said are currently pursuing individual projects and all are based in Miami, FL. Each musician is celebrated through the collaborative process that is comprised of orchestral and individual elements. Their coming together is an unprecedented gathering that both encourages and promotes bridging a musical gap between cultures without boundaries or prejudice. Truly, an evening in attendance at a She Said performance will leave you awed at what represents the beauty and strength of a woman.

Femme Fest Lineup, Part VII

Pretty On Paper

Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 11:00 P.M.

Carmen Tauler [vocals]

Alex Norris [acoustic guitar/vocals]

Frances Gronlier [vocals]

Fred Napolitano [sax & flute]

Mike Wollman [percussion]

Luis Cavallo [bass]

Pretty on Paper a local Miami Band featuring a unique line up and sound. Three female lead singers, one playing acoustic guitar, a percussionist on congas and bongos, a shiny new bass player, and the godfather of sax and flute. Our originals full of 3 part harmonies makes for full and different sound. Our covers include songs by; Sheryl Crow, Sara McClahlin, Gavin Degraw, Marcy Playground, Paolo Nutini, Brandi Carlile.

Pretty Please

Performing at the OUTDOOR PATIO STAGE @ 2:30 A.M.

Pretty Please is a Pop Trio whose members are no strangers to the Miami music scene. This band is not a hobby nor a project that can be measured in any traditional sense. To it’s members, this band is a something a lot more valuable, it’s a well knit friendship. Their music is a product of their love for each other. Their chemistry together strays into all sorts of extremes. First a little bit about the band members:

Bianca Pupo: Vox, Keys, Guitars

Bianca has been in countless bands since she was a teenager. Over the years she’s crafted her abilities as a songwriter and a versatile musician playing just about every instrument known to rock and roll. She currently also fronts Outre Violette and used to play keys and rhythm guitar for The Brand.

Farina Mackliff: Vox, Bass

Farina has been playing bass for only 5 years. What she lacks in experience she makes up with feeling. Her natural ability to pour emotion into her playing really makes her stand out. She also plays in Outre Violette and has played in many bands before including Fuselage.

Juan Oña: Drums

Like Farina, Juan has been playing his respective instrument for about 5 years. Very far from being a technical drummer, he has the ability to drive an audience by simply having a good time on stage. He too used to play in The Brand alongside Bianca.

Touring and composing together in The Brand, Bianca and Juan really built up a great working chemistry together. The Brand moved to New York in the Summer of 2006 at which point Bianca had to leave The Brand because she could not leave Miami. Around this time, Farina joined Outre Violette and a wonderful friendship began. In the middle of all this, Bianca had slowly been working on songs for her solo project, Ghost Milk.

In early 2007, fate would bring Juan back to Miami where he immediately touched base with Bianca. Like two lovers driven apart by circumstance, they were just itching to play together again. It was at this time that they first started to toy with the idea of taking some of the Ghost Milk songs and turning it into a new band. They got together a couple of times and realized they had something special on their hands but the lineup wasn’t complete, they needed a bass player. It did not take long at all before Farina would join them and complete what was to become Pretty Please.

In their previous bands, each member has accomplished some admirable feats from showcasing in London, to having videos and music on TV and radio, to being named "best rock band" by The Miami New Times. Pretty Please is still in it’s infancy stage, currently working on their first EP which is expected to come out at the end of 2007. With that release and some good ol’ guerilla marketing, you can expect this D.I.Y. band to make a serious impact starting with South Florida. In the meantime you can follow them in their adventures through videos and pictures they have posted on their MySpace.

Pretty Please has also picked up the Plaid torch. Plaid is a monthly music showcase that was started back in 2002. It’s one of the most respected events in South Florida hosting up to 20 bands on three stages. Plaid was started by The Brand (Juan, Bianca, Omar, and Leo) and was temporarily out of commission when The Brand moved to New York. Now with half of it’s founding members in Miami and rocking a band together, Plaid is back!

Pretty Please has played a handful of shows and have received excellent feedback. You can expect their upcoming EP to be an homage to love and a reflection of their intense and sometimes debaucherous tendencies. In the meantime, come to their shows where you can count on not just spectating but being a part of something amazing. They tickle fancies, they rock faces, the float on clouds, and they will fall in love with you.


Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 7:00 P.M.

Chelly [vocals]

Rictor [drums]

Cesar [keys]

In December of 2006 Prostitots was formed. They all met at the workplace, and are still co-workers. Chelly (also an artist under the alias Mission From Göd) is self-taught and sings in the band. Rictor (also a guitarist/singer/songwriter from Space Station 5) debuts his drumming with Prostitots. Finally, Cesar (also a solo producer/songwriter under C Zar; and Yenkenes) plays the organs/keyboards. Influenced by everything from Slick Rick to The Ramones, to Bjork, to Beethoven, this trio eliminates the necessity of a guitarist and bassist. Dancy, simple, and full of expression, this band gives a new genre a following. Rock N' Run!

Femme Fest Lineup, Part VI

Lina Marquez

Performing at the OUTDOOR PATIO STAGE @ TBA

Born in Barranquilla, Columbia, where the streets are used as soccer fields and voracious December winds run by, Lina was talented from an early age. Her older brother, sister, twin brother and she were submerged into the music’s hemisphere since before their birth. Her father was a frustrated musician who loved the guitar. He would only play when he thought no one was listening. But Lina was listening. Breathing the first gasp of Columbia ’s government collapse her mother decided to leave the country and take her and her twin brother with her. With a supermarket bag of belongings they embraced crowded living rooms and bulb-less bedrooms. They shared what they had. Once when she was thirsty and waiting with her mother outside a supermarket a man with a yellow tie gave her a can of coke. She saved it and used it as a bank to buy her first guitar. After she said we would encounter many ’yellow-tie’ people in this country.

Dreams danced behind her head when she would listen to music. When inspired Lina would quote Eddie Vedder’s "Oceans" by saying her dreams were fifty percent tangible now. The can of coke was replaced with a red guitar. Where there was one green pear for dinner there were now more. A flinty rug was replaced with a bed. Her orange notebook and blue pencil helped her write autobiographical stories, flavored with the influence of Pablo Neruda’s vivid romanticism and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s honest irony and concrete singular verbal depictions. Her essence remains the same. She writes songs that, like her influences, amplify the hope and zoom in the dreams of many people.

When Lina takes the stage the crowd is mesmerized. They know she is the real deal. Her passion is very inspiring. Her beautiful voice and moves will captivate you. Her words will make you think.


Hilary McRae

Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 1:00 A.M.

Hilary McRae - Keyboards/Vocals

Fernando Perdomo - Bass

Derek Cintron - Drums

Jacin Nagao - Guitar/Vocals

Every once in a while, an artist emerges and changes everything - bucking common trends by offering the extraordinary. Hilary McRae is that artist. This native of Boca Raton, Florida, combines 70's and modern pop, soul and R&B to create hip swaying, heartbreaking and smile making songs about love, angst, and the trials of life. Her sensual and soulful style has been compared to 70s icon Carole King, Joss Stone, and Alicia Keys.

This 21 year old classical-and-contemporary-trained pianist is already a very accomplished songwriter having composed numerous original pop/rock songs as well as original music for musical theater. Hilary studied at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston thanks in part to a substantial scholarship award she received from the school as a result of her audition for their 2003-2004 World Scholarship Tour.

In June, 2006, Hilary was invited to join a Central and South American tour with Latin pop superstar Christian Castro to play keyboards and sing background vocals as a member of his band. The young artist has recorded a full length album of her original material with GRAMMY award winning producer/engineer Zach Ziskin and arranger Charlie Calello, which will be released in Spring 2008 on Hear Music - an innovative record label and partnership between Starbucks Entertainment and Concord Music Group.

Megan Lipsky

Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 5:00 P.M.

Megan Lipsky is a pianist and vocalist. She has performed at clubs such as Jazid and Churchill's. Her songs are reminiscent of early shoegaze artists such as PJ Harvey. Megan has also performed at The Broward Center of Performing Arts, and at Fat Cat's Jazz Club in New York City.

Femme Fest Lineup, Part V

Cynthia Kivlan

Performing at the OUTDOOR PATIO STAGE @ 3:30 P.M.

Cynthia Kivlan

Fernando Perdomo (guitar)

Roger Houdaille (bass)

Cynthia Kivlan is a classically trained flutist currently residing in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida. She has played in Orchestra Pits & Chamber Ensembles to Rock-N-Roll bands. Her current project focuses on all these styles and transforms them into a beautiful duo with the guitar. You can catch her along side with Singer/Songwriter/Producer Fernando Perdomo (Hilary McRae) and Roger Houdaille (Father Bloopy).

Today, Cynthia is a freelance flutist and a member of the Walenstein Symphony Orchestra. To hear her music, visit her on ( and be sure to keep an eye out for her first solo album which will be released on Decemeber 26, 2007.

Lianne Ojito "Little Eye"

Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 8:00 P.M.

Lianne Ojito

Everett Ramey

Liane Ojito was sitting on the roof of the North Hollywood, California apartment where she was couch surfing in 2003 when she wrote her first song, throwing together a jangling, folksy blast of sunshine-- "Butterfly Garden" -- that remains a fan favorite. Four years later the Miami native singer/songwriter is a musical force to be reckoned with. Drawing pure raw emotion inspired by her cross-country travels and mundanely sublime human encounters, she gingerly wraps them up into lyrical treasures. Liane’s songs are at once catchy and soulful with a natural rhythm, conveyed by her stylized vocals and percussive guitar playing. Liane began recording in 2004 using the on-board mic of her laptop, which lent her songs an intimate, lo-fi sound reminiscent of early Bright Eyes and Iron & Wine. She played gigs in bars and coffee shops all over Los Angeles before taking off for New York in October of 2006, collaborating with a number of musicians, and performing everywhere from bars to street corners. In June of that same year, she headed back to Miami where she played a number of gigs with the group Liane & The Mystery Band, until the band parted ways in May of 2007. It was at this time that Liane forged a creative partnership with Everett "The Golden Child" Ramey, a musician and producer based out of Lake Worth, Florida. His years as a professional musician, stellar guitar work and exceptional production skills were everything Liane was seeking to take her talent to the next level. Together they have worked tirelessly and put their heart and souls into honing their respective arts to their full potential.


Papa Muse

Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 10:00 P.M.

Papa Muse is a dynamic rock band with catchy hooks and funky dance able grooves, led by "Way", guitarist, or bassist, vocalist and songwriter for the band. Recently relocated to the Fort Lauderdale area, Way is still playing with guitarist Maco, a vibrant powerhouse who lights up the stage, as well as playing solo acoustic showcases in southern Florida. A charismatic, inspirational and wacky character, Way has been the principal organizer for the Musefest, an annual music festival based in Ithaca, N.Y. for nearly a decade. He also ran a unique musician's hotel called the Band and Breakfast, and has built relationships with thousands of musicians, agents and fans.

Way plays a distinctive soulful style, an enthusiastic and expansive sound. His lyrics are positive and insightful, sculpting beautiful vocal melodies that will stay with you long after you hear them.

Maco Rodriguez adds a raw vibe on stage while she layers the songs with rock electric guitar, precise and emotive. A professional artist and designer, Maco is earning a name for herself in the graphic world, but her musical talent and ability are about to explode upon an unsuspecting Florida music scene.

The band Papa Muse is strongly influenced by bands like Rush, Tool, Primus, Dave Mathews, Radiohead, Moby, Stone Temple Pilots, The Who, Progressive Rock, Grunge, African music, Electronica, and anything powerful! They play songs that captivate and exhilarate their audience, leaving a long lasting impression.

Papa Muse is looking to rebuild the full electric band line up in south Florida. Meanwhile the songwriter is busy working on the upcoming full length release Meaning Makers.

Simply put, the band is complex, dynamic and full of catchy hooks to keep you humming for days. With meaningful lyrics, and a spirited humor and wit, a Papa Muse performance is loads of fun.

Achievements for Papa Muse include: countless bar gigs, festival showcase gigs, support of national acts as diverse as Fishbone, The Pharcyde, The Pietasters and many others, as well as several television appearances.

The music speaks for itself. Please give Papa Muse a listen. Samples can be found online at: or

Femme Fest Lineup, Part IV

Jill Hartman

Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 2:00 A.M.

Heavily influenced by folk musicians such as Ani Difranco and Inara George as well as jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, Jill Hartmann mingles modern melodies with a classic romanticism that is both haunting and identifiable.

Born to two musicians, Jill Hartmann began her love of performance while still a child singing for minor audiences. She studied literature in college and found exhilaration in reading poetry aloud before an audience. It wasn’t long after that she began to look to other avenues of expressing herself in a more harmonious and better-received medium by learning how to play the guitar.


Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 9:00 P.M.

A girl and her guitar feeling life every waking moment.

Toured with Duran Duran and recorded with Deborah Harry of Blondie!

Samantha Natalie

Performing at the OUTDOOR PATIO STAGE @ 9:30 P.M.

Samantha Natalie: Vocals/Keyboard

David Sanchez: Guitar

Louis Gonzalez: Drums

Michael Balarezo: Bass

A native of Miami Beach, FL, Samantha Natalie's musical career began at age four, studying classical piano at conservatories throughout the Greater Miami area. She began to explore her talent as a singer at age six, starting out at St. Patrick's Children's Choir. Since then, she has been involved with many musical groups throughout her gradeschool and college career, including Miami Beach Senior High School's Rock Ensemble under the direction of Mr. Clark Doug Burris. A recent graduate of the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, Samantha Natalie studied in the Studio Music and Jazz Vocal Performance Department and had the wonderful opportunity to perform with many prestigious jazz/pop artists including Kevin Mahogany, Kurt Elling, and Jon Secada.

It's been close to 20 years since Samantha Natalie first began playing the piano and singing, and now she brings her original music to the table. She has been performing her original music in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area for almost four years now and had her self-titled EP released on June 2, 2007, at the Pawn Shop Lounge in Miami Beach FL, where she had the chance to rock out in front of close to 175 of her fans. "I've been writing original music for almost seven years, and every song says something different about my journey to where I am now. These songs are my release, my therapy, and my one true love." - Samantha Natalie

Her influences include most female singer/songwriters such as Carol King, Carly Simon, Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple, and Tori Amos. Yet she also shares a bit of her rocker side by looking up to classic rock musicians like Led Zeppelin, Elton John, and Billy Joel. Her sound is unique, soulful, and classic.

Femme Fest Lineup, Part III

Angie Day

Performing at the UPSTAIRS STAGE IN THE CABARET @ 6:00 P.M.

I was born here in Miami, FL. I’m 23 years old, and have been playing piano since I was three. Classically trained, but in high school discovered jazz and started adjusting my sound and technique to accommodate a different audience. Major influences include Billie Holiday, Diana Krall, Tori Amos, Imogen Heap, and Fiona Apple. Currently working at the Kendall Conservatory teaching music and assisting in running the store.


Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 4:00 P.M.

Sharlyn Evertsz::Singer::Songwriter

Born in Santo Domingo and raised mostly in Miami, FL, she started writing songs at the age of 17 with her guitar, but her passion for music has been present since a very early age. Emotionalism and rawness are perhaps the most prominent qualities that can be attributed to her vocal style. She is currently expressing her songwriting through her solo work and also by means of -diagonal- a trip-hop/experimental/electro project with friend Jorge Read. Please feel free to enjoy the sounds exhibited at

Father Bloopy

Performing at the OUTDOOR PARKING LOT STAGE @ 7:00 P.M.

Father Bloopy is an art-rock group from Miami Beach. Their simple, infectious brand of music is a refreshing mix of edge and pop sensibility. Their album "Ginger, Baby" has just been released and is gathering favorable reviews, college radio plays as well as loyal listeners. Fans of the classic sounds of Roxy Music, Talking Heads, David Bowie will be pleased to hear what’s going on with Father Bloopy.

Live, the Bloopies keep it fresh with an extensive repertoire and different line-ups. Currently the band features songwriter/default guitarist Roger Houdaille who is complemented by Angelica Losada on lead violin. The drum ’n’ bass is provided in parts by Eric Hernandez (subject to availability) and Carolina Souto, respectively. Plus or minus special guests, this show is guaranteed to keep one drawn into their songs which are rich in character and style with a healthy sense of the absurd. For more information, please visit


Performing at the OUTDOOR PATIO STAGE @ 6:30 P.M.

Sujo is a soloist with occasional collaborations with artists from Music Group Ent.(MGE) including: Producer Fermin C Syrus, Q-Raz, and J-Craz.