Sunday, August 24, 2008

Message from the Coffee House Gypsies

Message from my friends, The Coffee House Gypsies posted today on MySpace:

please forward this to all your friends who came with you to see us last night

THANK YOU!!!! all of you that came out to see us last night at The Atmosphere Lounge in Las Olas/Ft. Lauderdale;

CHG really does have AMAZING fans, no doubt... wow... you all rocked on those sing-a-longs.

You guys requested Tigerlilly... and so we sang Tigerlilly. You guys requested Linger by the Cranberries...and so we Lingered!

The lighters held up during HEY JUDE were awesome. The crowd singing along on Inside My Head, Bittersweet, and Let's Stay rocked.

Having people in the audience know and sing along with our lyrics is still mind blowing to me I still am awestruck every time I see that, haha! Don't think I'll ever get used to it.

And the jam..... oh baby, the jam..... holy $#!T!!! I LOVE jamming with other bands & artists!!

That energy that we created together as a group last night was just intoxicating and engaging and almost like sex... probably even better than sex, hahahaha... no, but for real, it was :)

And I had never rocked out with a sitar before...where did that come from?? Woah!!

Special props to Jerry Oviedo who showed up with his sitar to jam

And those guys on that brass section playing along with us...WTF???
You guys ROCKED!!!

All of us were just having way too much fun together!

I think Amy Winehouse would have been proud of our "Rehab" rendition with the brass section solos and all, hehehe!

I seriously CANNOT Thank you guys enough...we had SO MUCH fun with all of you last night. You have no idea. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you to Jayson & Kelly of The Atmosphere Lounge for hosting us and letting the show go on till so late and for treating us so well.

It is always touching when a venue shows appreciation for their bands & artists.

We will definitely be telling all the local bands and artist about your place.
You guys were awesome!

Look up "Atmosphere Lounge" in our friends list. IF YOU ARE A PERFORMER, THIS IS A PLACE TO GO AND GIG AT!!!! GREAT ambiance, GREAT location, VERY friendly staff EXCELLENT sound system, SUPERB acoustics in the room. YOU GET TO MIX & CONTROL YOUR OWN SOUND!!! WOW!!!!

Situated right under the theaters of Las Olas. People cannot get in or out of the theaters or parking lot without walking within earshot of this place, AND LAS OLAS IS BOOMING AT NIGHT BABY!!! I MEAN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE CRAMMED INTO THAT STREET!!! If you play at Atmosphere Lounge and you sound good people walking by outside will be drawn in to hear you!! And best of all... if you promote your show properly these guys DO know how to value a good act that brings a crowd.



Go and check them out, book your gigs there.


AND YES, CHG will DEFINITELY be playing there again VERY soon Count on it!

Thank you to all the musicians that came out to jam with us... all of you are just amazingly talented and I do hope that I get to cross paths with all of you hopefully again each humble me with your talent. If any of you ever need backup harmonies or cameo vocals on a project, count me in.

We will be posting photos and hopefully video of last night's open CHG jam/acoustic 3 hr concert ASAP so keep an eye out on YouTube & MySpace for them...

If you took your own pics or videos, please let us know when you post them.

Please post your comments about last night's jam/concert to: iTunes, Myspace... or any one of the other CHG sites, we LOVE the feedback!!!

We also hope that all of you will tell all of your friends about us and about the magic that you witnessed happen last night. THAT IS WHAT A CHG JAM IS ALL ABOUT, BABY!!!

Thank you to the PRETTY ON PAPER band for lending us Carmen for the night once again (she is undoubtedly a diva powerhouse and we love her). And as always, she was stellar!

Thank you to both Carole & Jenny who were standing up and dancing...

Thank you to Tony for jamming along on his guitar. Tony: I hope that all your college friends enjoyed the show, thank you bringing them and extend our hugz to them for us!

Mrs. Segovia: it is always a pleasure to have you at a show... And yes, I saw you dancing too, hehehe ;-)

My Doublemint Twins: Valerie & Liz...I am so sorry for all the sweaty hugs last night I was sweating buckets!!! Hehehe... I love ya!

Thank you to the sexy and sultry Margaux Penichet and her "Acoustic Experience" band... YOU ALL ROCKED!!!

And my apologies to Margaux's grandmother (who came up to me during the show and expressed that she was not happy with me because I convinced Margaux to get a tattoo for the concert) Hahahaha!!! ROFL!!! Sorry abuelita!! (she was so ADORABLE!)

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you to all our amazing fans!!!

Jenny, Marissa, my lady from the mountains, Hector, Melissa, Randy, Frank, JC and all of you that support us at every show


We shall see you all on October 4th at the COLOSSAL Music Festival in Tobacco Road.

And we are in the process of arranging another acoustic concert/open jam like the one we had last night at The Luna Star Cafe in North Miami with The South FL Folk Club. So stay tuned to our MySpace page for details on that.

'til the next one...

Bear hugz & ass slaps all around

Albert Damian Mata
tHe mAd hAtTeR (with no hat last night)

rock a little


play the Miami COLOSSAL Music Festival

Tobacco Road
626 South Miami Avenue

Saturday, October 4th
on the 2nd floor stage of Tobacco Road

Show starts at 9:30 ~ don't be late, if you might miss it, aim for 9:15 because parking will fill up fast!

$10 cover charge at the door
Advanced tickets available for $7 each in 2 weeks
to reserve your tickets today!!!

5 CHG friends on MySpace will again be winning free tickets to come see us on October 4th, so keep checking our bulletins as we will soon start randomly pulling names out of a hat.

...see you on the 4th!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Mechanical Fly Kingdom?

I have been working on many projects lately, and I finally got around to posting the news about it. I just finished my first Underground Surgeons Studio project. I arranged and recorded a Spanish cover of a Kutless song called "Promesa de la Vida" (Promise of a Lifetime)... I will post that soon under the TAB "Services" which I am still working on...

I have also decided to split the band up into two bands... I recently posted a statement (bulletin) on MySpace. The following message was that statement:

I have thought about this for weeks and it's time I made a public statement in regards to it...

I am splitting the band into two phases: the new The Fly Kingdom will be for the sitar music, which is the step I took... part of the natural evolution of the band's ever changing style... The old, but still good style of The fly Kingdom will be now under the band name "The Mechanical Khrist" I have had much debate over this since I don't want to disappoint the older fans, but I have evolved and left what I now call the "Mechanical Khrist" sound behind.

I am, however, working on some new material for the next "Mechanical Khrist" Album entitled "A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being." I will be bouncing back and forth between projects but i have most of the material for it done, it's just recording it. So I will announce when I will release the tracks, which will be on Snocap.


There's going to be more changes which I will post soon...