Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bassless Acquisitions...

Some news has come my way which I'm sad to say that I'm the first to report. Andy Arrazola, the bassist of Live Suicide, has announced today that he will no longer be playing for the band. He's had several pending things to deal with, including school as well as other personal issues, so... for the time being, Live Suicide will carry on as a two-piece, featuring the likes of Angie Wong and myself...

Andy will be on stand-by, just in case more shows appear before we are able to find a suitable replacement. So if you think you have what it takes, email me. We will also continue with a laptop as a drummer, seeing as our last attempt at finding a secure drummer resulted in failure...but nonetheless we will keep playing, so look out for more shows coming soon!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Attention Musicians...

Well, I don't have much news to report, just an ad; if you will---for anyone out there that reads what I type...

I'm trying to see who out there has the same or similar vision as I do, who wants to take a stab at joining the Fly Kingdom. I have always regarded this band as a one man project, but without other musicians it's impossible to perform live.

So I am curious and will post this ad to other places including MySpace and hi5...

And well, let the games begin, I suppose! If you are interested, you can reach me at this email address.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

A Small Lesson in Karma

Well, being that apparently I haven't screwed over enough people to get an interview by Rolling Stone Magazine for this Album's release (although they really should... LOL!!!), I'd like to disclose the list of songs in their order and also explain the reasons behind the album as well as the number of songs.

1- Preface
2- Human Born Child
3- No Questions Asked
4- Addict's Regret (One Savior's Birth)
5- It Has Taken Over (Into One)
6- Sadist God
7- Man as One
8- It's Not Easy Being God
9- I've Pondered
10- So Far Removed
11- Hope (My Thornless Rose)

I began this project last year between getting Live Suicide (for those of you that don't know, that's my band---the one besides this; my one man band) up on their feet. I had some ideas and the name A Small Lesson in Karma but nothing else. Okay, I may have had some lyrics, which, at the time seemed pretty decent, but I quickly started realizing that all I was doing was simply repeating what I had already said in The Mechanical Khrist and How to Write a Satanic Song. If you're unfamiliar with either album, you can hear them and/or view the lyrics at the official Fly Kingdom music website.

So about a month ago I had a personal issue that put my musical life in order. It's funny how as a musician you can use all your negative experiences and turn them into beautiful music, isn't it? So anyways, I ended up burning the midnight oil and coming up with what became known as A Small Lesson in Karma. I even discarded most of the music and lyrics that I thought were just not right for this album---so the name eventually started to make sense to me. For instance, there was this title that just says "when the worshiper becomes the worshiped". This can be explained in a million ways, but it basically is about being your own person; your own God; in other words, it's about cutting out the middle man...

A few days ago I was thinking about the number of songs and wanted to add a few more. I must have had 'til about eleven of them, and that's when the number 11 was explained to me by my own consciousness. It's basically two "ones" being put together. To the vain and empty that would mean a perfect relationship where two people become one. But I went a step further. When man becomes human and god; Man is One...

Well, I hope this explains a couple of things and if you think I'm crazy I would like to thank you in advance.


PS: you can listen to most of the album on this MySpace profile as well as purchase it through Snocap.

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Monday, April 2, 2007

A Small Lesson in Karma is now on Snocap

I recently uploaded the new album A Small Lesson in Karma on

I will also have the album here but in the meantime you can check it out online at either the Fly Kingdom's MySpace profile, or my own MySpace profile.