Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Set List for the Upcoming Super Summer Jam Event

I've been working on more material for the set that I will be playing at The Super Summer Jam happening at Tobacco Road, July 11th... I have completed two songs so far and have more on the way. The first track is called "Sweet Blue Thornless Rose," and the second track is called "Served Kold." You check them out at The Fly Kingdom Music profile on MySpace.

You can also get these new tracks and more at

Sweet Blue Thornless Rose and More...

Well it's been quite a ride for the past month or so... I've been writing new music that started as just mere "Jams" on the sitar. Although they were good, they just didn't hit the spot. I then went on to writing some new music for the album A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being. Well, after writing a couple of songs, some of which you can find here and at, I then went back to my Sitar to try to find new ways to evolve my musical style. A friend had suggested to add other elements to the songs, including chords and make it more structured. So I listened and what came out of those ideas were "Sweet Blue Thornless Rose" and "Served Kold". There are more tunes in the works, including a new version of "Blues Raga" (the original is found on How to Write a Satanic Song, released in 2006), and a new spin on an old Jazz tune called "The Saints go Marching In..." So keep checking my website's MP3 section for those latest new updates... Also, I just uploaded "Sweet Blue Thornless Rose", "Served Kold" and from A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being I've uploaded a tune called "H.A.T.E." and another track entitled "The Idiots Song" on Snocap...

And don't forget, I'll be playing my Sitar at The Super Summer Jam happening at Tobacco Road July 11th!!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Super Summer Jam Announcement, Part II

As promised, here are the flyers for the event...

The Official Event Flyer (Front)

The Official Event Flyer (Back)

P.S. Did you notice the extra "E" at the end of my act's name? Pretty crazy, huh?

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being

As I have started to continue work on this new project entitled A Study into the Mind of the Average Human Being I have come up with more material than I thought possible... most of it was created just this week alone! I have two new piano songs, one kinda like Billy Joel's "Piano Man" and the other; the closest I can think of is Cold Play's "Clocks", but that's just in the rhythm itself---well, sorta. I have also experimented with the voice, but unlike as it's been in the past, it's not using "characters" but mere voice types. Again, you'll have to hear it... It's like putting Andrea Bocelli, the singer of Gipsy Kings, Brian Setzer, and more, all in one person...

Yeah, like I said; You just have to hear it...!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Set List for Super Summer Jam '08

I have started to write the tunes that will officially be part of my set at the Super Summer Jam which will take place on July 11th, 2008 @ Tobacco Road. Any other members which will join me on stage are still TBA...but the first tune "Longing", filled with thoughts of longing and also happiness will be available at I will post some, if not all of the tunes that I will play very soon.

'Til then the longing for the next tune will begin...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Super Summer Jam Announcement

The Super Summer Jam is gonna be here soon! I signed up and will be playing my sitar yet again. I will be composing some new tunes, based on some of the older riffs I have used in the past, including the ones I played at the Cultura Fest 2008.

So remember, write it down, THE SUPER SUMMER JAM IS JULY 11TH, 2008 @ TOBACCO ROAD!!! I will post flyers as they become available to me...and I will also post songs as I write them. Oh, did I mention tha I do plan on having a couple of percussionists for this event? Yes, that's right, I wanted to make it a more moving experience, since I was able to plug in the sitar to the wah pedal!

So brace yourself, 'cuz this one's gonna be BIG!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Old Ideas, New Thoughts

This is part of the thoughts I had for my next big project entitled A Study Into the Mind of the Average Human Being--- I know it's a long title but what can I say? I was inspired! I will post another one soon...

The things that went beyond my understanding
Were the things I never tried to explain
For it was never my place to say why things happened
But don't misunderstand me, I never gave up
I just merely saw things for what they were
To live with what I had
But things don't always pan out the way you want
And I took a left on the fork in the road
But I didn't know it would lead to a dead end
Which is why these words were written to begin with
So don't make me go back, try to explain
For you have All the answers you need
In the palm of your hand
So just keep living and let me be
For you have more than what you say and claim
But as long as you keep going this way
You'll never see that light
And the fork in the road will always
Lead to that dead end
The one you constructed
The one your subconscious wanted
All because you wanted to avoid
The things you always had in mind
And yet you never thought you could afford
So take the time and see exactly what in front
Before you see your time go by...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mic + Sitar = "Oblivion"

As I had promised before, I just got a mic for the sitar... and now the shit has really hit the fan! I used it on an experimental recording entitled "Oblivion" which I will post up soon. I used my distortion box and ran it with a wah pedal and then boosted the signal with an additional volume pedal...

Stay tuned for any further developments...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

And now...a Special Message from Queen of the Scene & The Fly Kingdom

This was Bullentin Posted by Queen of the Scene on MySpace.

I wanted to thank all the bands, artists & vendors that were a part of CULTURA. This was a really beautiful night of art & music from all different cultures. Miami is THE place for cultural diversity and last night was proof. This was more than just a show! The Artists & Vendors make this a unique experience. The bands were all great, despite a little rain and some small technical difficulties, everything still pulled together and it was magnificent!

I would like to thank all the employee's of Tobacco Road, I know it was a hectic night but you kept everyone happy (AKA: drunk!) and provided excellent service! Cris, Danny, Sean, Cosmo, Camillo- Thank you guys SO MUCH.

None of it would have possible without your help!

OSKI & Alejandro, Thank you so much for including me in this event.

It really is an honor to be asked to do this, something I love doing and you know I will be there for anything either of you need me for in the future!

All of you who came out know what an awesome show it was. For those of you who missed it, well, I'm sure you're kicking your own ass right now so i wont rub it in any more.

But you can check out the picture's posted in the Queen Of The Scene Gallery.

Be there next time!

Now's my turn!... I'd like to thank Camilo from Bully Pussy, Karolina Salas, and Cindy Roberts for all your efforts to make this a wonderful show both before and after...

It was a great experience and I can't wait 'til the next time... But for those of you that were there, I'll be sure to have a sitar mic next time!