Monday, July 2, 2007

God Hates...?

Well, there's several things to comment on and talk about---so let's start with the most recent... Yesterday I clicked on a bulletin that says GOD HATES FAGS and I thought to myself: "This should be interesting..." Basically it's about a church which claims that if you're not in with the crowd that they belong to, then you are a Fag and you are going to hell. So your sexual orientation doesn't really matter. All that matters is whether or not you are a follower of that church. Here's a link to their websitet. Yeah, I know that this is free advertising, in a sense, but hell...the world needs to see how fucked up and how overly-fanatical religion can be. So, in other news and other path of Negative V.S. Positive energy I also visited a profile on MySpace that totally rocked!!! And here's the link to it. I won't tell you much about cuz you have to see it for yourself and then get what you will out of it. Anyways, get a load of the documentaries on this Christian Cult below...

For Everyone who thought they'd seen everything---Watch this: