Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Live Suicide's Battle of the Bands Tickets

I have some good news... I was contacted by Alan from Gorilla Productions and he was asking (or should I say "Calling") all local bands to submit a contact number to be called in reference to a "Battle of the Bands" happening on July 22nd at the Churchill's Pub in Miami... So I said: "What's the worst that can happen?" and emailed him back thinking I wasn't gonna get a call. Well, like about an hour or so later I get a call from Alan, and so it began. He told me all the basic rules and said he'd send tickets that I could then sell in advance. Well they have arrived! The tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door, so hurry because I only have a limited amount left!!!

If you want tickets you can contact me by clicking here or visit Live Suicide's profile on MySpace and drop us a message!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Last Night's Show at the Wallflower

Well, last night we had the show at the Wallflower Gallery. It ended up being a show just for friends, but if you missed it you missed one hell of a show...

Angie, as always, was her talented and beautiful self (as you will see in the pictures that I will be posting up very soon!) playing her piano and singing her heart out! I ended up playing Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Bass (due to the fact that we don't hav a bassist or a drummer for the time being...) Although I believe that the whole bassist issue was resolved as of last night.

The show was opened by a very talented man, which, I am sorry to say, due to so many technical difficulties and a variety of other things, his name was never listed in the on-line calendar of events. But he played very well and hopefully we will see him in future shows...

Now, I unfortunately, have some sad news to report; I have a friend and co-worker whom, I'm sad to say, is no longer with us... He was an excellent guitarist, a great teacher, and a good guy. And we will miss him. So, this one's for you Donald Keenan...rest in peace, my friend. (1965-2007)

And in his name, I will be posting a memorial page, so look for that soon...