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The Songs and Their Meanings...

Hello once again! I had recently thought of adding the explanations behind the album "Sweet Blue Thornless Rose". As I had explained in my interview with the Animate Tripe Chronicles I wrote the songs about a woman named Rose. What I didn't explain is the journey that the character took to get from Song 1 to Song 11. Yes, this is a story... It's not all in black in white, however this should clear some things up. Well, here it is:

Sweet Blue Thornless Rose (Intro)
He starts out his journey with
One thought in mind,
To get to the Sweet Blue Thornless Rosee,
A priceless find,
The new fountain of youth,
The answer to love and life itself

As he departs with image he knows
The journey will be long
And there will obstacles in the way
To stray him from his prize
But he doesn’t care
He knows that what’s in store
Will grater then all of the
Challenges that lie ahead

Served Kold
So he has arrived in a place,
A place that has all pleasures
And comforts he desires
But is this it?
Or is there more to it?
The mystery of this place
There’s an odd feelings
Something he can’t figure
Or shake off,
But is it all just in his head
Or is there more to it?
But the more he stays
The further he gets away from
His vision and so
He moves on…

Indian Saints Go Marching in
He walks the sands of time
And wonders around
Looking for the diamond,
The diamond in the wrath
The prize of all prizes
But now, for the first time
He questions it’s existence
Is it real or just a myth?
Something that children
Were told just to help
Them ease their pain
And so he keeps going no
Matter what the vision says
It’s all about the journey
The details that will make
The experience memorable
But how long will this
Philosophy remain part of him?
Only time will tell…

Bluez Raga
And now he gets this,
This feeling he’s been here,
Some other lifetime perhaps?
He sees seeing the seascape
He’s never been to,
But yet he can pick things
Out that remind him
Of memories he has yet to
Experience and see
And as he sees a figure moving
It dances to a beat he can’t hear
Yet he can feel every nuance
But why? How can this be possible?
Who wrote that in his mind?
Is this the God that people keep
Talking about?
This entity that supposedly knows
All that there was, is and will be?
And as the figure keeps dancing
It points to him…. The man,
The one that wants to find
What can’t be found
What is but also isn’t
The thing we desire
But can’t have
All the issues that are faced
When we ponder on the concept
The one that just can’t be…

Hope (My Thornless Rose) (Slight Return)
His walls are breaking,
Where they were once strong,
Now its beginning to tear,
But what could save him now?

Along comes the vision,
A Thornless Rose again he sees
But what is it?
Is there a picture?
No, it’s all just in his mind,
But regardless it is there,
The fantasy of making
His dreams come true,
And so he starts the search
For the impossible dream
Of finding his Thornless Rose…

And as he searches
He longs for what he sees,
All the visions in his mind,
A happiness that
Could be his everyday life,
But what if?
The question that lingers
As he wishes to see
More than a glimpse
Of this dream,

This vision that he wants
To make a reality,
But what if it’s all in his mind?
It doesn’t matter
Because what’s really missing
Is the love in his heart and mind…

Within Reach (Yet Moons Apart)
And as the search continues
He sees that it may all be due to his
Desire to find his truth,
The things that make him keep looking,
The things he is missing,
The things that will make him complete,
Such are the things that he once saw
In his mind but hasn’t actually touched yet,

So what is reality?
Is it everything we see?
Or everything we feel?
None of it makes sense
And yet everything else does,
Why do all the pieces fit together
When it really doesn’t matter?
Simple questions, which answers
Are too far away…
Too deep into the ocean…

Static Silence
As he wonders what she is thinking
What all the silence is about
Is she really there?
Or is it all just gone?
And as he wonders he starts to realize
That his life is all… just about her
But in reality if he really loves her
He must let go and let her find her way
Even if it’s not to him…

The Last Good-Bye
And as he writes his final good-bye,
The end has been written but why?
Why did it end so soon?
Was it me all along?
Or did it all just revolve around
Selfishness, the virus that makes
“Us” human?
Well, whatever the reason,
The reason is done and so is he,
And so he moves on

Sweet Blue Thornless Rose

So in the end
It was all going back to the Blue Rose
The unattainable piece that is not found in nature
The impossible dream that was just that
The effort made to realize this dream
To be able to hold a Sweet Blue Thornless Rose
All just a dream in the end… or was it?
Only you can answer that question now…

It's best to hear the album as you read these passages. In fact I was just listening to the album when I got inspired to write this story... You can check out the album on CD Baby and also on iTunes as well!!

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  1. Superb,very dramatic! keep it up guys!