Friday, May 18, 2012

New Horizons

It's been quite a while since my last post on June 7, 2009 and a lot has happened since then. I started a side project that ended up being scratched, as well as added numerous collaborations with such artists as Dealazer, Digital Fiend, Jonathan D. Shadel, Tim Chaplin and most recent Dushead. I finished my second album and released it on November 27, 2011 which happened to also be my 34th birthday. Since I have collaborating so much and playing I have had some thoughts on a 3rd album however I haven't come up with anything new as of yet. I've talked with several very talented musicians such as Jay Lone Wolf, Carla Cao among many musicians that I would like to collaborate with a s part of my third album. So far I just have a name: Cryptomusicology. In this album I want to keep on fusing different styles in order to come up with more creative ways of expanding on the idea of the Raga, the Classical Indian Music style/form that Indian Musicians have played for centuries. When I designed my custom sitar, 24 frets tuned to Equal Temperament so I could play with western musicians I wanted to ultimately create fusions that hadn't been done before or that had been explored only on the surface. I have come to realize that despite of my limited knowledge of Ragas I have come to understand that even within the Thaats or scales of the Northern Indian Music System there are combinations of these scales that form Ragas. It's like taking a blank canvas and not knowing anything about painting using the colors that attract you the most and letting the lines blend in becoming some shape of form that you won't recognize till it's done. And even then it might be up to interpretation but yet can be appreciated for what it is. that's the direction my music is currently going in. This month I will be performing this new blank canvas way of playing Friday May 25 at the M3z, the Third Art Realm, Mastered being held at the Karen Ledbetter & International Galleries at 760 NE 44th Street, Oakland Park, FL 33334. It will start at 8pm and go all the way to 12 midnight. That performance I will have the pleasure of performing with Carla Cao on Clarinet as Desi Love dances the night away. This event is free. Next month I will also be playing solo Jun 3rd at Eve which is located at 1306 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33132. Advance tickets are $11 and $13 at the door. To purchase advance tickets you can go to I will be updating the blog more often so come by and check it out! -Jerry

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